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The doozzoo vision.

Our vision is to build the world’s most powerful All-In-One platform for online music education.

Our co-founders Christoph Pelz and Thomas Gier believe that music teachers deserve a better tool for online music lessons than the usual web conferencing systems. That’s why they launched doozzoo in 2017.

Today, we are building this all-in-one digital music teaching platform used by music teachers around the world. We are also part of the C. Bechstein family, one of the largest and oldest piano manufacturers in the world.

Thomas Gier and Christoph Pelz working on doozzoo
Thomas Gier und Christoph Pelz presenting doozzoo

Our path to doozzoo.

Thomas Gier took his first steps in online music lessons as a bass teacher in 2011. Together with his wife, Andrea Bethmann, the idea of founding an online music school was born in 2015. During the realization, it turned out that all available web conferencing systems are unsuitable for professional use in online music lessons. They were all made for business meetings, optimized for speech – not for music. So out of the need for the best audio quaility, a latency compensation, the option to share notes and audio files or a way to administrate user accounts – the idea for doozzoo was born.

When Thomas met Christoph in 2017, it became real. Christoph, also a musician but working in IT at a blue-chip company at the time, was immediately hooked on Thomas’ idea. This is how it happened that the first beta version was already launched in 2018 followed by the official launch in 2019.

Right from the start music educators from different countries were using doozzoo and giving us feedback on how to optimize it. This is how we still work today – trying to develop the best online platform for music educators.

C. Bechstein Logo

Powered by C. Bechstein.

In 2020 the well-known Piano manufacturer C. Bechstein got aware of doozzoo. The synergies of doozzoo and C. Bechstein’s digital strategy were obvious, and so in mid-2021 doozzoo became part of C. Bechstein Digital.

Oliver Hutz, CEO C. Bechstein Digital: “doozzoo complements our products with a truly outstanding software for music education. The new offering fits 100% with our path to enrich the world of acoustic instruments with digital added value”.

Made for musicians,
by musicians.

The majority of our team members are passionate musicians or music educators themselves. We love music and we want to give many people anywhere in the world the opportunity to learn a music instrument.

We believe in the
best of both worlds.

Although doozzoo was developed primarily for online instruction, we believe that face-to-face instruction is still very important. For this reason, we have developed doozzoo for hybrid classes, because all functions can be used perfectly in offline classes.

Developed with
true passion.

We’re a team of diverse thinkers and doers who take pride in always improving our product. Besides being software engineers, designers, marketers we are also guitarists, singers, drummers, bassists and pianists – and we truly love what we do.

One team,
many locations.

Developing a software for connecting people off location, that’s also they way we live and work. Working fully remote gives us the opportunity to bring together the best people from around the world to work in a way that makes sense to everyone.