The”Bluenote Musicschool” relies on doozzoo for online music lessons

Since December 2020, BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL Dachau & Aichach has been using doozzoo for over 200 students and over 20 teachers at BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL. “Especially during the lockdown and Corona-related closures, we had to quickly switch to online classes. This went fast and easy with “Doozzoo”, explains Markus Faiss, founder and director of BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL and […]

Sound of doozzoo

Sound impressions of doozzoo within a saxophone online lesson with ProfessorPhilippe Geiss – Conservatoire de Strasbourg. You hear a recorded doozzoo session.

Nuova Scuola di Musica (IT)

The Nuova Scuola di Musica – founded 1982 in Mantova (IT) – is relying on doozzoo for their online-music lessons. The school’s highly qualified teachers are covering a wide range of musical styles. The Italian music school not only has a long tradition in teaching music, but also regularly organizes cultural events and concerts. Marianne […]

The Dutch foundation “Gallery of Tones” uses doozzoo for online music lessons…

The Gallery of Tones Foundation is partner of doozzoo since May 2020. The Dutch non-profit organization supports freelance musicians in their profession as performers and coaches. It organizes concerts, workshops and cultural exchange, and provides its members with a doozzoo account for their online lessons. The foundation also arranges coaching and training for music schools […]

Heppenheim music school uses doozzoo for video lessons

At the Heppenheim Music School (GER), video lessons are conducted via doozzoo as a supplement to face-to-face lessons. We are pleased that the Musikschule Heppenheim, under the direction of Thomas Markovic, has chosen doozzoo as the platform for online music lessons. The music school, rich in tradition, has chosen doozzoo on the one hand because […]

Münster University of Music (GER) works with doozzoo in online lessons

The Münster University of Music uses doozzoo for individual instrumental and vocal lessons. In cooperation with the Musikhochschule Münster, decisive improvements were achieved in the transmission of polyphonic and diffusion sounds such as piano. With polyphonic sounds there were always cancellations in the sound, so that whole passages were filtered out. After various adjustments, we […]

Music school Monheim (GER) relies on doozzoo for video lessons.

Music school director in Monheim, Jörg Sommerfeld, on the decision for doozzoo: We are particularly pleased that we were able to procure licenses for all students from a German specialist provider for music lessons via video. In particular, the important issue of data protection is thus very well solved. But also the special functions of […]

The AEC – Association Européenne – recommends doozzoo for online music lessons

The “Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen” recommends doozzoo as a specialized solution for online music education. We are very happy about the achievement of the European Association of Conservatoires, Acémies de Musique and Music Colleges. This is a great motivation for our team to continuously develop and improve doozzoo for our […]