Coach on a Couch Episode No. 3 – Stephan Emig

In the third episode of our interview series Coach on a Couch, Aloisia Dauer talks with drummer Stephan Emig. His 25 years of professional experience as a music teacher and professional musician give some stories and valuable experiences. He calls himself “The Hybrid Drummer” and presents himself on his homepage not only as a well-booked […]

Coach on a Couch Episode 02 with David Becker

Coach on a Couch goes into the second round. Our host Aloisia Dauer invites you to join the conversation for the podcast. In the interviews, she talks with her guests about their daily lives as musicians and how to balance music lessons and live gigs. Of course, they also touch on what they’ve learned over […]

New podcast – Coach on a Couch

With Coach on a Couch we start a new series. We have invited exciting colleagues from various music fields to talk to us about their everyday lives as musicians. Of course, this also includes music lessons. How has music teaching changed? What did we learn from the pandemic times? What will the future of music […]

New piano for your music lessons

The new doozzoo update comes with an incredible innovation! We are happy to present our new feature to you in a detail: the new piano for your music lessons! It replaces the previous keyboard and opens up a new world for you! In order to bring our vision of digital music education to the world, […]

Why practising is important even during the holidays

by Aloisia Dauer The Easter holidays are just around the corner and that means time off from music lessons as well. But what happens when practising with the instrument is paused for a longer period of time? How can the holidays be divided up so that students can recover but also not forget everything from […]

How to Spice Up Your Music Lessons With Play-Alongs?

by José J. Cortijo In my opinion, one of the main goals of music education should be to teach students to play on existing music as soon as possible. In order to be able to play with a band or in an ensemble, they must first reach a certain theoretical and technical level on their […]

Violin Lessons Online

Geige liegend vor Laptop

Susanne Hofmann from Susanne’s Tango Coaching explores in her blog post the question of whether violin lessons online can be useful or not. She deals with the concerns on the side of the students and offers well-versed advice. Above all, she discusses different forms of teaching and their advantages and limitations. She gives her readers […]