Learn and practice wherever you want – free of charge!
As a student – regardless of your age – you can use doozzoo free of charge.
Meet your teacher for lessons flexibly online or on site and use doozzoo to practise outside of class. With doozzoo, you have all the apps, such as metronome, audio player and your lesson material, at your fingertips.

Make faster progress and stay flexible!
With doozzoo, you save yourself the time-consuming journey to class and can decide flexibly whether you take your lessons online or with your teacher on site. This way you can attend your lessons more regularly and make faster progress.

New possibilities and the highest sound quality.
With doozzoo, you can listen to your teacher in a first-class sound quality that is simply fun. Your teacher can create video tutorials for you in class and share them with the sheet music, so you can easily find the exercises at home and practice them in doozzoo.