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Unlocking New Dimensions
in Digital Music Education

doozzoo 5.0 – Clearer. Simpler. More Versatile.

Classroom Layout

Our online classroom, the very heart of doozzoo, has undergone a comprehensive makeover, now offering optimized functionality even on smaller screens.

Designed for
Touch Control

doozzoo is now more hands-on than ever! We’ve redesigned the user interface to accommodate even the largest fingers. We’ve also added new elements and revamped the structure.

Apps and Tools
At Your Fingertips

Apps and media now have dedicated spots on the screen and can be opened individually, ensuring that video feeds are never obstructed again. Both students and educators always have the same view.


Our powerful recorder now captures all doozzoo content, including virtual pianos, audio player, and metronomes. Simply activate the audio sources you want to record.

Lesson Preparation &
In-Person Teaching

All these optimizations and features are also available in Studio, making it ideal for in-person teaching and smart lesson preparation (even for students).

Local Latency

Now, you can measure local latency during lessons without you or your students having to leave the active session.

Your Gateway

From the dashboard, you can navigate anywhere. Logged-in students can now enter a doozzoo workshop room URL directly.

Media Library

Thanks to our revamped structure, your media library is now clear and organized. Files can be opened or shared with students with a simple click on their names. We call folders “Lists” now, for added clarity.

Experience doozzoo 5.0

5.0 is ready – enriching, innovative, and already active for you.