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Coach on a Couch Episode 02 with David Becker

Coach on a Couch goes into the second round. Our host Aloisia Dauer invites you to join the conversation for the podcast. In the interviews, she talks with her guests about their daily lives as musicians and how to balance music lessons and live gigs. Of course, they also touch on what they’ve learned over the past two years. The Corona Pandemic has turned life, and especially the daily professional routine, upside down for the vast majority of musicians.

Her interviewees are famous personalities from their respective musical genres. All bring different influences to the table and share their whole personal perspective

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The poet of jazz guitar: David Becker

The American jazz guitarist David Becker is one of the most outstanding musicians of our time. With his style of jazz guitar he has created new standards. He has shared the stage with stars such as Chick Chorea and Miles Davis and inspires the scene with his lyrical sound.

Becker has already enjoyed Emmy and Gramm nominations. He has been releasing his music for over 30 years. For his latest album he leaves the usual path in a trio and goes solo instead. However, not only with one guitar. In his album “The Lonely Road” a whole orchestra of guitars can be experienced. Deservedly, this album is advertised on Amazon UK as one of the best solo guitar jazz albums.

The interview with David Becker is in English, but you can find German subtitles on Youtube if you like!

The podcast will continue in two weeks!

You can already look forward to our next guest. This much is revealed: We have a drummer on board!

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