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Coach on a Couch Episode No. 3 – Stephan Emig

In the third episode of our interview series Coach on a Couch, Aloisia Dauer talks with drummer Stephan Emig. His 25 years of professional experience as a music teacher and professional musician give some stories and valuable experiences. He calls himself “The Hybrid Drummer” and presents himself on his homepage not only as a well-booked live drummer, but also offers his online music lessons directly through his online store.
He has already played for the greats of the music industry. His references include Stefanie Heinzmann, Gregor Meyle, The Voice of Germany Live in Concert and many many more.
In the interview, he reveals why he thinks it’s so important to speak the current technical language.

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The Hybrid Drummer: Stephan Emig

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Stephan Emig

Stephan Emig is a German drummer and percussionist. He studied in LA and has been living in Hannover for some time. He has learned from the best and passes on his knowledge to students. He has even developed his own teaching material.

His publications include “5 Ways to More Musicality – Your Package for More Musicality”. Together with some colleagues from the music industry he created the Complete Music Camp. Here the musicians offer workshop on topics like, songwriting, leadsheet writing, practicing techniques and much more.

More information about his work as a drummer, percussionist and educator can be found on his homepage.

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