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Coach on a Couch with founders Thomas Gier and Christoph Pelz

For the final episode of Coach on a Couch Season 1, we invited two very special guests: doozzoo founders Thomas Cap Gier and Christoph Pelz.

You’ll be curious to know how it all started and what’s still coming for doozzoo.

In the conversation with our host Aloisia Dauer, the two founders Thomas and Christoph revealed, among other things, their vision for doozzoo and the future of music education, what motivates them and what the name “doozzoo” means.

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The Founders: Thomas Cap Gier and Christoph Pelz

doozzoo founders Thomas Gier and Christoph Pelz
Christoph Pelz (left) and Thomas Gier (right)

Thomas Cap Gier started playing drums at the age of 12 and switched to bass at 16. He studied double bass and electric bass at the Musikhochschule Köln. Besides being a musician, Thomas Gier works as a producer for band, theater and avant-garde projects. As a musician, he has won various jazz and pop awards, including: Jazz prize winner of the festival in Getxo (Spain) and the Leverkusener Jazztage, winner of the Popmusicontest of Popkomm ’98.

In 2017, he developed the educational platform doozzoo together with co-founder Christoph Pelz.

Christoph Pelz studied classical guitar at the Musikhochschule Köln. He worked as a freelancer in IT and digital media production and taught web design and technology at the FH Aachen. He established the digital media division of Graphodata AG and held various management positions at Metro-Group IT. There he was responsible for web content management, user experience, agile software development and cloud architecture.
At doozzoo he is responsible for software architecture and development.
Beyond work, he enjoys his family life with three wild daughters and playing with the singing/guitar duo Less.

You can look forward to this special episode!

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