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doozzoo Update 4.0. brand new look

A Brand New Look For Your Music Lessons

Today we present you a new doozzzoo update and are excited about your reactions. The doozzoo application gets a brand new look and now fits completely into our corporate design. But of course it’s not just about new colors. Our mission is to make your digital music lessons better and easier. This is the case with this update.

Don’t worry, we haven’t changed anything major, so you will find your way around as usual. But of course we couldn’t resist to include a few improvements. This will make the workflow in your music lessons even more efficient.

Are you ready for a little walk-through of the new doozzoo application? Then get started now!

Dashboard – Welcome to doozzoo

As before, you can start your music lessons directly from the start screen. Use the dropdown menu to choose whether you want to start a standard room or a workshop room*.
[* Workshop rooms are part of the PRO & EDU plans].

The new menu

Here we come to one of the biggest changes. The former gray navigation bar at the bottom of the screen has been moved and upgraded. So if you ever work with doozzoo on a smaller screen, the new view will make it easier for you to keep a good overview.

Do you recognize the icons for the options? That’s right! Those are the same icons as in the menu during online music lessons and in the studio. New doozzoo users will learn to associate the icons and their meanings. This makes it easier to get started with digital music lessons.


The gear wheel leads to all important settings for your audio and video channels. Select the preferred camera, the correct audio input and output and set the compensation of your local latency. The settings were previously under a different name. But to make it easier to find your way around in doozzoo, we have adapted the naming.

Local Latency Settings in doozzoo

Manual adjustment of local latency compensation

Many of you have asked for an easy way to adjust the local latency compensation manually and reliably. That’s why we’ve now added a slider that allows you to adjust the latency in 0.010 second steps. You can then use the plus and minus symbols to make fine adjustments in steps of 0.001 seconds.

Well organized during music lessons

The gray navigation bar that we know from online lessons has also been refreshed. With the corresponding designation under the icons and a new, logical arrangement, the menu is better sorted. Find what you need in online music lessons with doozzoo even faster now! 

Connect with social media accounts

From now on you can log in to doozzoo with a social login. This includes Facebook and Google accounts as well as the Apple ID. For new users, there is no need for verification via the verification code sent by mail. Moreover the profile picture used in your social media account will automatically put into your doozzoo account [Google and Facebook only].

You already have a doozzoo account? You can still link your social account afterwards. From then on, you use the same password for the doozzoo log in as for your social account – one password less to remember!

[Social media connection is not available for EDU accounts]

Tell us what you think

A huge shout-out to all of the awesome users who have made doozzoo possible! We’re especially thankful to those that take time out of their days for feedback – you help us continually optimize and make our app even better. We think music education plus digital implementation creates an awesome combination, so we appreciate your support.

Our developers have spent the last few weeks putting all their energy into this major redesign and are naturally curious to hear whether you like it. Feel free to send us a short mail to and tell us about your experiences and findings from the new update.

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