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New podcast – Coach on a Couch

With Coach on a Couch we start a new series. We have invited exciting colleagues from various music fields to talk to us about their everyday lives as musicians. Of course, this also includes music lessons.

How has music teaching changed? What did we learn from the pandemic times? What will the future of music education look like?

Aloisia Dauer, herself a violinist with distinction and a music educator, teases out some interesting facts from the interviewees.

Worth a listen!

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Kick-off Guest: Florian Friedrich

With Florian Friedrich we were able to get a really outstanding bass player for our podcast. He has been on stage with many major names in the music industry and is now happy to be able to play live gigs again. In the podcast he reveals to us why it still seemed to make sense for him to build up a side business.

What started with a simple question became Germany’s largest online bass school – “Florians Bassunterricht“. In addition to many videos from his YouTube channel, which now has over 10,000 subscribers, you can find entire courses to learn yourself in his bass school. Divided into different categories, every level will find something appropriate for itself.

In addition to ready-made courses, Florian also offers one-on-one lessons. On his website you can easily book a lesson. Simply select date and time in the calendar and the lesson is already arranged. The units take place online and of course Florian uses doozzoo for this.

From now every two weeks

The interviews will be published every two weeks from now on. We have international guests on our list and look forward to an exchange!

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