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Saxophone Online Lessons Ferdinand Rexforth

Teaching saxophone online with doozzoo – Ferdinand Rexforth about his experience

Even before the Corona pandemic, I had been reading up on various online teaching opportunities to keep up to date. But I thought it was all rather an exotic side note.

With the beginning of the first lockdown due to the Corona pandemic two years ago, that changed abruptly. Before threatening unemployment and associated insolvency as a self-employed person, a fast solution had to be found. Doozzoo convinced me because of its many features, and in a single weekend, I could seamlessly switch all students from face-to-face to online teaching.

Both sides had to learn

At first, it was all new and unfamiliar – for both sides. The difficulties often did not necessarily lie in dealing with the new approach but began with different Internet speeds and hardware requirements.. In the meantime, all sites have upgraded, and doozzoo is also running more and more smoothly.

Students prefer online saxophone lessons

In the meantime, most of my students have stated that they want to continue the lessons in the same way, as it saves them enormous time. Up to three hours incl. 2 x A 40, and the search for a parking space are not uncommon. No traffic jams, no searching for a parking space, no cancellation of lessons in case of minor illnesses.

Keep students despite moving

One of my students moved from Bochum to Dresden. However, the lessons did not have to be canceled. Another one signed up from his vacation in Holland. The fantastic thing is that so far, 7 students have signed up without ever physically being with me in my home studio. This is true for a 70-year-old retiree from Essen and a woman from Wuppertal who signed up her 11-year-old daughter.

Special benefit: media library, audio player & co.

As a teacher, providing mp3s and pdfs on the fly is hugely facilitating. But, of course, I must first build a corresponding database, which fills up very quickly.  And with player incl. slowdown and looper, metronome, tuner, and piano, my students and I are are well and very compact equipped for efficient teaching. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun for both sides.

Conclusion: Thank you, doozzoo!

Without exaggeration, doozzoo is my salvation as a freelance instrument teacher! I can’t thank doozzoo enough for that!

If the Corona danger has become more calculable, I can also imagine hybrid lessons, depending on demand:                                                                                                                                           
Possible scenarios are regular online music lessons every 4 – 6 weeks face-to-face lessons or regular face-to-face lessons and situational online music lessons.

Ferdinand-Rexforth online saxophone lessons

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