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Amazona introduces doozzoo as specialist for online music lessons

“doozzoo is a still young startup that specializes in online music lessons. Unlike other applications, doozzoo is not free. However, there are numerous features that are specifically designed for giving music lessons and are unique. As a beta tester I was allowed to accompany doozzoo already in the development stage. Within a short period of time, several new features have been added, most notably compatibility with more browsers and mobile devices. So doozzoo now also runs stable on iOS or Android devices and the web browser Safari, which Apple users like to use, is now supported as well. doozzoo is unique especially in terms of its features: The latency is very low, a metronome with tap tempo can be switched on and remotely controlled by the teacher, a tuner is available, multiple cameras can be used and switched between them and much more.”

Here is the full article including an interview with co-founder Thomas Gierit Co-Founder Thomas Gier

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