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Münster University of Music (GER) works with doozzoo in online lessons

The Münster University of Music uses doozzoo for individual instrumental and vocal lessons. In cooperation with the Musikhochschule Münster, decisive improvements were achieved in the transmission of polyphonic and diffusion sounds such as piano. With polyphonic sounds there were always cancellations in the sound, so that whole passages were filtered out. After various adjustments, we have made all filters in doozzoo disengageable and it is now possible to conduct online music lessons without impairments in the sound image. We would like to thank the university and especially Prof. Peter von Wienhardt for his research spirit!

Prof. Peter von Wienhardt – University of Music Münster:

It’s amazing how smoothly and nerve-wrackingly the classes work with my students who are stuck in your home country in Asia.

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