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Newsletter May-21: doozzoo becomes “doozzoo by C. Bechstein

We are pleased to announce that we have found a strong partner with whom we will decisively advance doozzoo:
As of now, doozzoo is part of C. Bechstein AG, which is known to many as a traditional piano and grand piano manufacturer.
In the future, we will work together with the C. Bechstein Digital team to drive exciting developments in the area of intelligent learning support, playing analysis and much more.
We will also offer you individual solutions and customizations for different instruments and music genres, such as pop, jazz or classical. Together, we are pursuing the goal of establishing doozzoo as the leading international learning platform for online and hybrid teaching.
Today we would like to thank the many music teachers and learners who have supported us on our way with great ideas, praise and criticism. We will do everything we can to get even better and implement your feature requests – maybe even the impossible ones ;-)!
What will change? The doozzoo team will remain and will be extended by the Bechstein Digital Team. All contracts and conditions remain the same. The return address will change on our web pages and invoices. And …
… we can now develop new features with a large team, so that teaching with doozzoo will be even easier, even more stable and even more functional.
Last but not least: soon we will fulfill an often expressed wish of many users: Workshop rooms with fixed “room names”! This way, students won’t have to register anymore and can simply visit the workshop room via a fixed address – stay tuned ;-)
Your doozzoo Team

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