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The”Bluenote Musicschool” relies on doozzoo for online music lessons

Since December 2020, BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL Dachau & Aichach has been using doozzoo for over 200 students and over 20 teachers at BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL.

“Especially during the lockdown and Corona-related closures, we had to quickly switch to online classes. This went fast and easy with “Doozzoo”, explains Markus Faiss, founder and director of BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL and is enthusiastic: “I am especially excited about the fast support, the compliance with data protection, as well as the intuitive management of the individual student and teacher accounts. The teachers and students are especially excited about the apps and the media sharing within the software. Another big advantage is that students can use the software not only during online classes, but also outside of class time (the uploaded media, the music player with, for example, tempo and key settings, as well as the available apps).

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