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Violin Lessons Online

Susanne Hofmann from Susanne’s Tango Coaching explores in her blog post the question of whether violin lessons online can be useful or not. She deals with the concerns on the side of the students and offers well-versed advice. Above all, she discusses different forms of teaching and their advantages and limitations. She gives her readers a detailed basis with which they can weigh up which form of teaching best suits them and their everyday lives.

However, we are particularly pleased to read which tool she uses to offer online violin lessons with conviction. It is, of course, doozzoo!

We would like to thank Susanne for the recommendation and are happy that she is expanding her pool of students thanks to doozzoo. As a violin teacher in a specialised field, she is able to share her expertise and offer coaching on a national level.

Is violin tuition online for you?

Read the whole article by Susanne Hofmann. Simply click on this link

Blog post is in german language

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