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Teach piano lessons online
and wow your students.

Experience brand new possibilities for your piano teaching. With doozzoo you have the Swiss Army knife of online tools: A virtual piano (you can control it via a USB keyboard) Remote-controlled built-in apps such as a metronome and audio player Optimized sound for music teaching

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Game-changing Advantages
of Using doozzoo

Illustration Online-Klavierunterricht

Just like one-on-one. doozzoo’s groundbreaking technology makes you forget the distance

Online-Gesangsunterricht auf der ganzen Welt

Teach piano lessons to students world wide.

Unterwegs Online-Musikunterricht geben

On tour? No problem. doozzoo enables you to keep teaching from the road.

Online-Musikunterricht mit Bass

Everything is moving online.
Including music lessons.

Future-proof your teaching business with doozzoo. Online lessons is one of the biggest topics right now, and the digital trend is not stopping at music lessons. Teach music online using cutting-edge tools. Your friends from doozzoo are with you every step of the way.

4 Steps to Teaching Your
First Online Piano Lesson



Register for free and enjoy all of the PRO features for free for 30 days. Then, decide whether you’d like to continue with a free or paid account.

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Invite Your Students

Email an invite link to your students and you are connected with one click! Share your teaching files via doozzoo’s integrated media library.

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Last-minute Preparations

Log into doozzoo. Do the pre-session check. Stock your media library with your favorite PDFs and backing tracks. You are ready to go!

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Let’s Teach!

Start the session and admit your first student. Need to change a key? Transpose a track with one click and save your student’s vocal cords. Use the virtual piano, metronome and other built-in doozzoo apps - doozzoo has you covered. No need to ever leave your browser, it’s all there!

Online-Musikunterricht am laptop oder Tablet

Maximal Availability.
With online piano lessons.

Do you notice how people have less and less time and resources? Rushing from appointment to appointment, who has time to sit in traffic to get to their piano lessons? This is your chance! Offer piano lessons online and afford yourself and your maximum flexibility. 

Mix and match.
Combine online and in-person lessons.

Just because you offer online lessons does not mean that you can never meet your students face-to-face.

How about switching things up as needed? One week in-person, next week online. Why not? Many doozzoo teachers do exactly that and everyone loves saving time in traffic in favor of time with their teacher!

Schülerin beim Online-Klavierunterricht

The All-In-One

Everything you need for your lessons you find inside doozzoo. No need to search for additional apps.
The extensive features and the integrated media library enable a smooth transition between online and face-to-face teaching.

Media Library

Upload your teaching materials to the integrated doozzoo cloud. Manage sheet music, PDFs, MIDI files, audio loops and videos from one place for you and your students. Shared files are available to your students even after class. You both benefit!

Workshop Rooms*

Teach groups with ease using doozzoo’s feature-rich and simple-to-use moderator interface. Use your own custom URL to name your workshop room and invite participants without the need for additional registration. This is great for trial lessons, courses, and more.

*(only for PRO account users)


Operate the piano keyboard with your MIDI keyboard, your computer keyboard or your mouse! Your students not only hear what you play, they also see it! The perfect support for ear training and theory lessons!

Local Latency Compensation

Doozzoo allows you to teach rhythm and timing accurately online without the typical delay. The revolutionary technology of doozzoo allows synchronous playing to metronome and audio files.

Audioplayer & Metronome

The audio player and metronome are chock ful of features! Use them directly in the video window and control them remotely for optimal experience for the students.

Online Piano Lessons With
and Without doozzoo
Online Piano Lessons Without doozzoo
Online Piano Lessons With doozzoo

Alles, was du für deinen
Online Klavierunterricht brauchst.

Die Basics

Laptop für den Online-Musikunterricht
Ein Laptop
oder PC
Webcam für den Onlne-Musikunterricht

Eine Webcam, falls dein Laptop keine hat 

Mikrofon für den Online-Musikunterricht

Ein Mikrofon, falls dein Laptop keins hat.

Kopfhörer für den Online-Musikunterricht

Wir empfehlen die Verwendung von Kopfhörer

Optionale Zubehör

Interface für den Online-Musikunterricht

Ein Interface


Ein Midi Keyboard

All You Need For
Your Online Piano Lessons

The Basics

Laptop für den Online-Musikunterricht

or tablet

Webcam für den Onlne-Musikunterricht

Webcam, in case your Laptop does not have one

Mikrofon für den Online-Musikunterricht

Microphone, in case your laptop does not have one

Kopfhörer für den Online-Musikunterricht

We recommend using headphones

Optional Equipment

Interface für den Online-Musikunterricht



 Midi Keyboard

Example setups
from other doozzoo music teachers

Gesangsunterricht mit doozzoo
A laptop with doozzoo opened, standing on a grand piano next to an USB microphone
A bass guitar in a hotel room standing next to an opened laptop with doozzoo opened

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