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doozzoo update 3.9.0 with new features

The Studio – And More Features | doozzoo Update

Menu Bar with doozzoo studio

After you log in to doozzoo, you and your students will see your studio in the gray menu bar. Go there to prepare for your teaching and use this as a universal access point for everything your students need to practice:

  • All apps
  • The virtual piano 
  • Your Media library

Until now, using certain features simultaneously was only possible in a roundabout way (e.g. view PDF and use the virtual piano at the same time). Now enjoy having all features available at your fingertips inside of the studio, your digital practice room, exactly as you are used to it from the live sessions.

Above all, the Studio is the perfect addition to your face-to-face lessons. Here you have your sheet music, audio files and the virtual piano at your fingertips. This is how digital music lessons work!

Analysis of Your Playing

Analasys of notes played via MIDI. Here F7b9 and Cm9

The score display gets a new upgrade: analysis. It displays what is being played on the virtual piano in real-time. Whether it is single notes, intervals, or entire chords – see the analysis in real time. Where applicable, chords will show alternate interpretations as well.

This is a fun way to incorporate music theory into your lessons.

In the analysis window, find the profile picture of the participants. Each participant is assigned a color so you can clearly see who plays what.

Our Suggestion

Why not explore with your students the chord structure of the next piece you are working on using analysis?

Staff With Key Signatures

New staff app showing the Dropdown and accidentals

And we have yet another upgrade for the score: select the key from the dropdown menu and the corresponding accidentals (key signature) will appear on the staff. Here, as with live playing, all participants of a session send their notes in different colors to the staff. Even in group lessons it will be easy for you to keep an overview of the individual participants’ contributions.

Our Suggestion

Create chords with your students and have them name inversions and extensions.

Virtual Piano With Different Colors

doozzoo virtual piano with two different colors appearing, when two people play the piano

Speaking of colors… the virtual piano displays the notes on the keyboard in the color assigned to the student. Now you can easily distinguish who is playing what.

Release Notes

Find out about all the details in our release notes.

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