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Condiciones de uso

Terms of use when using doozzoo.
The following terms of use apply to the doozzoo service, both for teachers and learners.

1. Login to doozzoo with user profiles

1.1 By registering with doozzoo, a user profile is created. The provider C. Bechstein Digital GmbH, Kantstraße 17, 10623 Berlin (hereinafter: Service Provider) registers you with the service if your participation falls under a framework contract with an institution (e.g., municipal music school, state music academy), you have concluded a contract with the service provider or you have been granted access as a learner of an institution.

1.2 As a rule, the service provider does not check the identity of the profile owner and the information in the profiles.

2. Placement of own content by you

2.1 You may use the doozzoo service and conduct video conferences subject to the following provisions.

2.2 You are fully responsible for the content you post on the service. You therefore declare and warrant to the service provider that you are either the sole owner of all rights to the content used on the service or are otherwise authorized to use it (usually through effective permission from the rights-holder).

3. Prohibited activities/netiquette

3.1 You are prohibited from any activities on or in connection with doozzoo that violate applicable law, infringe the rights of third parties, or violate the principles of the protection of minors. In particular, you are prohibited from the following actions:
posting, distributing, offering, or advertising pornographic content, services, and/or products that violate youth protection laws, data protection laws, and/or other laws, and/or are fraudulent;
the provision of content that insults or defames other participants or third parties;
the use, provision, and distribution of content, services, and/or products that are protected by law or encumbered with third-party rights (e.g., copyrights) without being expressly authorized to do so.

3.2 Furthermore, irrespective of any infringement of the law, when providing your content and communicating with other participants, you are prohibited from
using software, scripts, viruses, or any other computer code, data, or programs intended to interrupt, destroy, and/or limit the functionality of doozzoo and any software or hardware or other equipment of the doozzoo Websites;
the sending of junk or spam e-mails as well as chain letters;
the dissemination of lewd, offensive, sexually-oriented, obscene or defamatory content or communication, as well as content or communication that is likely to promote or support racism, bigotry, hatred, physical violence or unlawful acts (in each case explicitly or implicitly);
harassing other participants, e.g., by making multiple personal contacts without or contrary to the reaction of the other participant, as well as promoting or supporting such harassment;
soliciting other subscribers to disclose passwords or personal data for commercial or unlawful purposes;
copying, and/or distributing, and/or publicly reproducing content available on doozzoo that is protected by copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws, unless this is expressly permitted to users or is intended as a permitted use.

3.3 You are also prohibited from any action that is likely to interfere with the smooth operation of doozzoo, including but not limited to blocking, overwriting, modifying, copying data and/or other content, or disrupting or interrupting the flow of data on doozzoo, or otherwise interfering with the use of the doozzoo-websites unless this is necessary for the contractual use of doozzoo.

4. Blocking of access

4.1 The service provider may block your access to doozzoo temporarily or permanently if there are concrete indications that you are violating or have violated these terms and conditions of participation and use, and/or applicable law (in particular § 3), or if the service provider has another legitimate interest, in accordance with contractual agreements, in blocking you. When deciding on blocking, the service provider will take your legitimate interests into account appropriately.

4.2 In the event of temporary or permanent blocking, the service provider shall block your access authorization and notify you of this by e-mail. Blocking may be preceded by a warning.

Status: September 2021