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Federico Barluzzi

bassist / arranger / composer

“doozzoo simplifies and considerably improves the way you teach online. Since I started using this platform, I have discovered the pleasure of teaching online. It really offers all the tools a teacher needs and a student can benefit from!”

David Becker

Grammy & Emmy nominated guitarist / composer

“doozzoo is the best platform for online teaching that I have come across. I have used it everywhere from New Zealand to Japan, Europe to my home studio in Southern California. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about online education!”

Roman Beilharz

drummer / composer / instructor for songwriting & producing at University Kassel

“doozzoo has put all the processes of teaching into one workflow and allows for top-notch sound in addition to intuitive operation!”

Philip "Bo" Borgmann

drummer / author / instructor at IfM Osnabrück / founder of "bobeatz" & "Bos Drums & Lessons"

Beppe Bornaghi

pianist / composer / music technology teacher

“doozzoo is a very powerful and user friendly platform for online music teaching with really unique features: doozzoo is the future of online music teaching.”

Timo Brauwers

guitarist / composer / arranger / teacher for fingerstyle guitar

“doozzoo is the perfect tool for online lessons. I can teach every student with a great quality, no matter where he/she lives.”

Thomas Bremser

altus / countertenor / vocal coach for opera, musical, pop & jazz

“doozzoo is the living room for online lessons for singers of the 21st century. I now teach 70% in person, but also 30% online. And from now on with doozzoo! Convincing!”

Uli Brodersen

diploma music pedagogue / guitarist

“Brodersen Guitar Institute was founded in 2007 and we have been teaching online since 2011. Throughout the years we have thought about how to improve online lessons more and more. With doozzoo, online teaching is effective and fun. From now on, we teach all online students with doozzoo.”

Stefan "Stevko" Busch

pianist / author / arranger / composer

“A smooth workflow, built-in tools for precise timing ( thinking of a metronome or loop player) and an open-sound system where the speaker’s voice is not filtered out when music is being made at the same time.”

Ariane Cap, Bassistin, Pädagogin, Autorin, empfiehlt doozzoo

Ariane Cap

bassist / blogger / author

“What a breeze it is with doozzoo: All my PDFs and jam tracks are in one place (I can travel light and teach anywhere!). The super cool tools – metronome, remote controls, easy file sharing, recording on the fly – leave the student saying “Wow!!!”. doozzoo is a revolutionary platform that is optimized for the music educator. To me it has become truly indispensable!”

Edoardo Catemario playing the guitar

Edoardo Catemario

guitarist / arranger / composer / innovator

“doozzoo is simply a dream come true. You can finally teach online masterclasses, the quality of the sound is realistic and the lesson just flows like being in presence with the student. It also has an amazing set of tools, anything that one might need in order to perform a live masterclass and much more.”

Daniel Cordes

electric- & double bass player / composer

Prof. José J. Cortijo

percussionist / author / instructor at "MuHo Mannheim"

“There is various video conferencing software out there. For music lessons, there is doozzoo. It’s made by musicians for musicians and that makes the big difference.”

Aloisia Dauer

violinist / consultant violin VBSM

“That the violin sound in online lessons can sound so beautiful and free of interference was something I had not thought possible before. doozzoo offers a fantastic sound experience in the virtual classroom with a pro audio quality.”

Matej Dzido

Matej Dzido

pianist / founder of Pianofly

“I am thrilled and grateful to be a doozzoo Ambassador. As a piano educator who accompanies children and exceptionally gifted young musicians to piano competitions and entrance exams at renowned music universities, I am impressed by how nuanced the piano sound can be transmitted thanks to the stereo function. It truly feels like the students are standing next to me during the lessons. Features such as recording, metronome control, playing along with backing tracks, sharing sheet music, and much more provide numerous possibilities to create holistic and engaging lessons. Thanks to doozzoo, the group coaching sessions in my Pianofly Online Academy have definitely gained in audio quality. The support is outstanding!”

Stephan Emig

drummer / percussionist / Ableton-operator / educator

“With doozzoo, I am well equipped to teach online in a modern and professional way.”

Ric Engelhardt

pianist & keyboarder / music director MD / author of pianobooks / educator / promoter „GRAND HYBRID" @CASIO / consultant OZAPIANO

“…teaching offline for decades, teaching online for years- and no compromising from now on!

There’s everything you need for music education & collaboration on one unique platform: playing, listening, recording, sharing, and managing all your sheets & media files. Plus, there is a tuner, a metronome, a mixer, an audio player with loop- & slow downer/pitch function, and a customizable keyboard. 

What else could you wish for?

Made by musicians for musicians, and with constant improvements!

– thank you Thomas, thank you DOOZZOO!”

Christian Fabian

electric- & double-bass player / composer

“doozzoo is the best platform for teaching and coaching you will ever encounter. It’s fully loaded with helpful apps and makes all other platforms look like child’s play. Try it now, it’s amazing!”

Florian Friedrich

electric- & double-bass player / youtuber

“Best online lesson experience ever! The doozzoo latency compensation takes online teaching to another dimension. And the integrated tools like file-sharing, click and recorder are the icing on the cake!”

Brittany Frompovich

electric- & double-bass player / educator / clinician

“There’s plenty of platforms out there that handle video conferencing calls. doozzoo has created a platform that understands, serves, and addresses the unique challenges of teaching online music lessons. There are plenty of built-in tools and thoughtful features that create a better online teaching and learning experience.”

Markus Galla

pianist / guitarist

“As a beta tester I was allowed to accompany doozzoo already in the development stage. Within a very short time, several new features have been added. doozzoo is unique, especially in terms of its features. What I appreciate most about doozzoo is the direct contact to the two developers. I had the pleasure of a personal introduction to doozzoo via video chat and the support always has an open ear for problems.”

Prof. Philippe Geiss

professor at Strasbourg Conservatory, "Strasbourg Superior Music Academy" & "HEAR" / guest lecturer at "Senzoku Gakuen College", Tokyo / member of the scientific committee of LabEX-GREAM / vice president the "International Saxophone Committee"

“doozzoo gives me the possibility to teach music online with excellent quality. Good sound, useful tools. I am a happy teacher!”

Marius Goldhammer

bassist / educator at "HfMT Cologne"

“The best music teaching platform on the market, period. Thanks doozzoo for making my life so much easier!”

Daniel Guthausen

drummer / owner of the "Drum Control" drum schools

“In the field of online music lessons, doozzoo is unrivaled. Since it is about rhythmic precision when playing to audio files or click local latency compensation is indispensable. Only doozzoo offers this feature – along with countless other tools for guaranteed frustration-free online coaching.”

Torsten 'Haze' Haas

bassist / producer / instructor at IfM Osnabrück

“In my experience it was already the best tool for the job when you guys had the first version out and still you’re pushing the envelope. Congrats!”

Timo Hoppe

electric- & double-bass player, modern and period instruments

“Only doozzoo allows me to optimally integrate my recording studio with online classes.”

Heinz Hox

pianist / accordionist/ composer/ musical director

Jörg Achim Keller

professor for conducting & ensemble leading jazz at "HfMDK Mannheim"

“doozzoo is the perfect tool for me for online teaching! It has enabled me to continue teaching my major students as well as all minor subjects without any restrictions during the pandemic. In particular, I have come to appreciate the uncomplicated handling, but also the diverse options of the program. In my work with the students, dealing with scores and the corresponding recordings is an important aspect – here doozzoo offers excellent possibilities for archiving the extensive teaching material as well as for detailed and accurate work. I am very grateful that our university allows the use of doozzoo as an online platform. doozzoo has given me back a great deal of normality in terms of my teaching activities during this not at all normal time!”

Thomas Kimmerle

saxophonist / big band leader "Youth Jazz Orchestra Bonn" & "School Big Band"

“Great to have a platform to bring online teaching to the same level as classroom teaching – excellent support by the doozzoo team!”

Michael Küttner

professor for jazz drums, rhythmics & rhythm theory

“doozzoo is made by musicians for musicians. You notice that immediately. The basic approach is completely different from conventional web conferencing systems. No other program offers the music-specific tools and it works according to the GDPR. The willingness of the doozzoo team to cooperate is simply terrific. They reacted quickly to our optimization requests and even succeeded in handling the entrance examinations via doozzoo without any failures.”

Detlef Landeck

trombonist / big band leader / arranger / composer

“I’ve always shied away from teaching online, but with doozzoo it works out really well and is even fun… it’s a little different teaching than face-to-face, but the features and ability to quickly share lesson material with students also creates new opportunities.”

Edward Maclean

electric- & double-bass player / composer / label owner

“doozzoo takes the headache out of giving online music lessons. Their thoughtfully integrated features make a big difference.”

Christoph Miebach holding his bass guitar

Christoph Miebach

bassist / guitarist / author

“doozzoo is the perfect place for online music lessons. Ease of use and great apps make doozzoo the best browser-based video call software.”

Ralf Oehmichen

guitarist / composer / instructor

“doozzoo has all the features that make online teaching smooth and reliable for me, most notably is the latency compensation.”

Chris Possmann


“doozzoo is very musical. My online hours using it are creative and intense.”

Thorsten Praest

guitarist / composer

“doozzoo is the first serious solution in the field of online music lessons – due to many useful features it makes the work immensely easier and is therefore a clear recommendation for every musician/music teacher.”

Andreas Reinhard

bass player / founder of ""

“Since the beta version, doozzoo has evolved incredibly and has always been open to our user requests. Good sound, handy apps, easy file sharing with students, recording important input in class… and it’s always improving! It’s not for nothing that some of my students who previously had face-to-face classes just stayed online with doozzoo after the first lockdown.”

Ferdinand Rexforth

saxophonist / label owner

“With doozzoo, I have an incredibly effective workflow! Once in the library, music and sheet music are just a mouse click away and can be assigned to any of my students. No more annoying and time-consuming digging around. Add to that the top-notch sound quality!”

Andreas Schmidt

jazz pianist / composer / arranger

“How cool to have a great video online teaching portal like doozzoo. Whether sheet music, sounds, links, PDFs, metronome and so on… Real music! Sound and image and people and music united in the magical world wide web.”

Katrin Schmitt

vocalist / vocal coach / deputy director at Musikschule Hückeswagen

“As a singer, it’s very difficult online to accompany my students. That’s why the audio player is an absolute highlight for me. It allows me to have my students sing along to playbacks without any latencies, while keeping full control over my lessons. All my students are also thrilled, especially about the simplicity and the fact that they can easily access everything they need at any time via the browser.”

Gerrit Schwab holding his tenor saxophone

Gerrit Schwab

saxophonist / clarinettist / arranger / composer / instrumental teacher

“I value doozzoo as a reliable, professional platform. It has practical functionality and the instruments sound very detailed and authentic. Online instrumental lessons, especially on doozzoo, have proven to be a serious alternative or supplement to the usual face-to-face lessons. I use doozzoo to look after students of all ages from all over the country and now also from more remote European and non-European regions. doozzoo provides excellent support for my teaching activities!”

Diethard Stein

drummer / author of 'Modern Drumming' book series

“doozzoo is a really excellent and easy to use platform for professional online music lessons with many useful features and music specific tools, which are also constantly being developed. By musicians for musicians with lots of details, fast support and also DSGVO compliant. Simply outstanding!”

Luciano Tortelli holding his classical guitar

Luciano Tortorelli

classical guitarist / author / clinician

“Any true artist knows how to use technology without being dominated by it. doozzoo helps realise one of music’s greatest powers: uniting people. An indispensable tool for any musician, not only for online lessons but also for seminars, conferences and masterclasses. A huge opportunity for the evolution of pedagogy and musical culture.”

A portrait of Caspar van Meel

Caspar van Meel

double- & electric bass player / arranger / composer

“There are ways in which teaching with doozzoo is actually superior to teaching face-to-face. My students are more comfortable in their own environment, double bass students can more easily use their own instruments and there is no travel time involved. With doozzoo online teaching is not simply an alternative but actually forms a real enhancement and addition to my teaching practice and becomes simple, fun and effective for both teacher and student.”

Frans Vermeerssen

saxophonist / composer / arranger / conductor

“Ever since Corona hit I have had to tach online a lot. And got very frustrated by sound and other problems. I am happy that doozzoo makes this easy and gives me facilities to provide high quality lessons. I like it also that the doozzoo developers are still working hard on new features, also listening to the doozzoo users.”

Patrick Vida

1st violin Landestheater Niederbayern / author / mediator

“doozzoo is unique in every way. First, like many colleagues, I had to switch to online teaching because face-to-face classes were no longer possible in the wake of the lockdown. For me, as a border commuter, this had an additional explosive effect. After all, there were 17 students to supervise at the time and they were trying out different software that was actually made for video conferencing. In the course of time I got to know professional hardware equipment and in the course of creating a course about professional online teaching (together with a student and media technician) we came across doozzoo. I’m thrilled with the way this platform focuses on the essentials of online teaching, namely authentic sound and an optimized workflow that allows for fluidity of instruction between music teacher and student. Not only do you have useful tools like a tuner, metronome and recording capabilities in your virtual classroom, but you also have your entire media library in the form of sheet music and recordings in one place. At the same time, the student can also access it offline, which proves particularly productive and even allows for working methods such as online correpetition. This correpetitor can be controlled by the student in real time and by the teacher at the same time. The greatest success I have had with this software was successfully preparing a student for the entrance exam through doozzoo. With other students, I found that I was able to work with them even more productively than in person. This may have been a whole series of reasons that eventually inspired me to write my dissertation, but the ingenious concept of doozzoo was the foundation. doozzoo was developed by musicians for musicians and you can tell. Bravo!”