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Teaching Music Online
Has Never Been This Good. And Easy.

Here are a few of the ways how offering music lessons will benefit you.

Teach anywhere in the world –
at home and even abroad

Keep your favorite students,
even when they move away

Spend less time in traffic
and save money on gas

Teach while out on tour
and traveling

You Already Have
Everything You Need.
Even on the Road.

It is easy to get started: you need a laptop, your instrument and headphones. Now just connect to the Internet and turn into a virtual worldwide music teacher instantly. doozzoo gives you everything you need right away: manage sheet music, operate the metronome and audio player on the student side and enjoy the highest sound quality.

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Now is the time. Let us guide you and take your first steps in online music teaching with doozzoo. You will be worlds ahead of other teachers.

Keep These 4
Things in Mind.

You will need to slightly adapt your teaching.

But don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it. The apps in doozzoo will help you. And our blog is chock-full of tips and articles from music educators about how to teach online effectively. Take a look!

Your online teaching business - it is serious business.

You can now build a first rate, independent and sustainable business teaching music online. The important thing is – just as with in-person teaching – high quality teaching means a high recommendation rate.

If you already have technical know-how it is an advantage, but either way you can get set up quickly.

We promise you, the technical setup is not rocket science! It is well worth your while to do a bit of research on it. We provide you with helpful tutorials and excellent support!

Once you are set up - enjoy relaxed teaching from here on out.

We recommend a consistent set-up. Then all you have to do is open your browser, log in to doozzoo and get started.

Want to maximize your setup?

Bring it on! doozzoo is ready for your technically complex peripherals. Connect your interface, set up different microphones and even use multiple webcams. Basically, your setup can be expanded almost indefinitely. And thanks to the local latency compensation, your students stay in sync with the players and metronome.

What about the students?

Lots of possibilities, but no obligations! Your students also need nothing more than a laptop, headphones, an instrument and the Internet. Simple does it, but if they’d also like to expand their set-up, there are no limits; and there are many inexpensive and simple solutions.

Your classroom goes mobile.

Were your students missing out when you were on tour or traveling? Not anymore! Teach them while you are on the road. This way your lessons don’t have to be cancelled and you can maximize your income. Don’t have your instrument with you? Use doozzoo’s integrated piano and teach theory and ear training.


Check out what some of the workplaces of our doozzoo coaches look like.

Reviews of
Online Music Lessons


Bass student

Here in Norway, the distances are generally very far. At the age of 67, I wanted to take bass lessons again, so I looked for online offers. After all, there is an online alternative for almost everything.


Vocal Coach

In 2021, I moved about 50km away. However, I was able to keep most of my singing students. That would not have been possible without doozzoo.


Guitar Teacher

Online and face-to-face teaching are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I have a student who drives 100km to me once a month. The other three lessons of the month we comfortably do online.


Piano student

I wanted to finally have piano lessons again, but unfortunately it’s not that easy because of childcare. Without my online music teacher Dominic, I would have had to do without piano lessons.



Our son Paul is autistic. He loves playing the piano, but the drive to music school and all the unfamiliar stimuli were a real ordeal. He does much better with online lessons!

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