doozzoo offers numerous functions that work seamlessly together. doozzoo supports your teaching – whether face-to-face or online – in many ways:

  • Your teaching material always at hand

    Upload your teaching material to the doozzoo cloud and easily share sheet music, PDFs, MIDI files, videos or audio loops with all your students!

  • Show students your scores

    With the share function, notes can be displayed to each other and worked on together. The position and the section of the sheet music can be freely adjusted and moved on the screen by remote control.

  • Perfect sound - without AI-processing!

    In doozzoo, the sound algorithms of classic video conferencing systems are all optional. This gives you and your students optimal sound in stereo.

  • Play without latency to metronome and playbacks

    doozzoo’s local latency compensation makes timing-based teaching over the internet possible. Find out how it works here!

  • MIDI & piano functions (in beta)

    If you teach piano or keyboard, you’ll love doozzoo’s unique MIDI features! Show your students keys played live and the notes that go with them – preferably on a C. Bechstein of course 👍

  • Audio & Video Recorder

    With the Recorder app, you can record your own video tutorials or audio loops to play back to your students directly in the session. Only your own video image is recorded: so you can easily share your content with all your students!

  • Use multiple webcams and perspectives

    Use multiple webcams! With several cameras in use, you can switch between the different views. This is super-helpful and useful for piano and drums, for example.

  • Audio Player with Slow-downer, Looper and Pitch Shifter

    doozzoo’s audio player runs remotely with your students so you can play in sync with playalongs!

  • Remote control

    The teacher can remotely display notes to the student and start the metronome and audio player. In this way, the workflow of the lesson is maintained without having to search for content and functions.

Made for music.

Made by musicians.

doozzoo has been on the market since 2017 and is used internationally. Behind doozzoo are musicians who use the application productively day after day and continuously introduce improvements.

So we didn’t develop doozzoo because we needed a solution quickly. Quite the opposite: we believe that the future of instrumental teaching is hybrid. That means both present and via the web.

If you want to know more about the development background, read on in our blog.


How doozzoo works (opens YouTube in a new window)