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Patrick Vida, teacher, author, mediator, and 1st violinist of the Landestheater Niederbayern, on his experiences with doozzoo

doozzoo is truly unique in every respect. Initially, like many colleagues, I had to switch to online teaching because in the midst of the lockdown, in-person teaching became impossible.

For me, as a cross-border commuter, this posed an additional challenge. At the time, I had 17 students to take care of, and we tried various software solutions primarily designed for video conferencing. Over time, I became acquainted with professional hardware equipment, and while working on creating a course about professional online teaching (together with a student who is a media technician), we came across doozzoo.

I am thrilled by the way this platform focuses on the essentials of online teaching, namely authentic sound and an optimized workflow that allows for smooth interaction between music teacher and student. Not only does it provide useful tools like a tuner, metronome, and recording capabilities in your virtual classroom, but it also centralizes your entire library of sheet music and recordings in one place.

Moreover, students can access this content offline, which proves to be highly productive and even enables methods like online accompaniment. This accompaniment can be heard by the student in real-time while being simultaneously controlled by the teacher.

The most significant successes I have achieved with this software include successfully preparing a student for an audition using doozzoo. With other students, I found that I could work with them even more productively than in person. This may have several reasons, which ultimately inspired my dissertation, but the ingenious concept of doozzoo laid the foundation for it.

doozzoo was developed by musicians for musicians, and you can clearly feel that. Bravo!

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