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Coach on a Couch with Markus Faiss

Coach on a Couch with Markus Faiss

In the fifth episode of our interview series Coach on a Couch, Aloisia Dauer talks to Markus Faiss, founder and director of Bluenote Musicschool. The guitarist and bassist brings the experience of his many live performances into the lessons and teaches with a lot of passion.

Bluenote Musicschool has been using doozzoo for a long time, allowing students to be taught online without any problems during the lockdowns. Now the platform is used for both online and face-to-face teaching.

In this interview, Markus reveals why he considers digital tools to be an asset for teaching, how the music school has benefited from them, and how working with groups can work.

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Music school director, pedagogue, guitarist and bassist: Markus Faiss

Markus Faiss is a German guitarist and electric bassist. He graduated from the Munich Guitar Institute MGI and studied electric bass at the Federal Academy in Trossingen. His musical projects show a broad spectrum. He has played with the Munich Nylon Players (classical), Tommy Reeve (rock and pop), and various funk and soul bands and has participated in several musical productions. Markus skillfully brings the experience from his many live performances into his lessons. Markus Faiss is the founder and director of Bluenote Musicschool, with several locations near Munich. 

Find out more about him on and learn about his musicschool here: Bluenote Musicschool – Musikunterricht in Dachau – professionelle und individuelle Kurse – BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL – Dachau | Aichach

We will continue in two weeks!

Look forward to a special episode!

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